Top Secret

top secret
Aha! I knew you would get here following my Twitter & FB hints!
Date : last Friday
Place: Busca’t la vida HQ (somewhere in Cardedeu)
This document is to summarize the steps that “Busca’t la vida” is taking so far.
Acronyms list à AR= action required (must do)/N= Natàlia / E=Elena / X= Xela
Since our start a couple of months ago, at “Busca’t la vida” we have been doing:
  1. Get a well-balanced team.  Expertise + logistics + sales. Crazy ideas + keep your feet on the ground when your head’s in the cloud. Good sense of humour. Common sense. Don’t pretend to be someone else, feel comfortable with what you are & what you do. Distribute roles.
üStatus: done (afterall we weren’t born yesterday!)
  1. Test your team. Prove that you really are a team and others see you as a team too.
üStatus: done. Tested during #eShow . OK results introducing ourselves as a team in order to approach sellers and learn trends first hand.
If you believe in your idea, others believe in you (keep this motto!)
  1. Stop talking & start walking. Enough brainstorming & paralysis by analysis. Keep your ideas, thoughts, fears…whatever going but…your feet moving too!!!
üStatus: done. AR: N-E-X- keep on generating ideas pls.
  1. Go online full blast. Start weaving a contacts network. Build your online reputation. Start with your individual assets. It is a long process but not expensive, other than investing a lot of time! Start a blog + social media alltogether.
û AR: X – well done with blog & twitter. Need to push FB. Linkedin ?? hey lady! Move it on!
X’s answer: Sorry ladies, once I move it around Linkedin we will reach another type of people who expect a more elaborated image (so…à AR: N get the logo ready pls!)& by the way….we’ve got Pinterest knocking at the door + Foursquare next & I committed to try Zyncro….
  1. Start an offline strategy to strenghten your online contacts.
û AR: E to create contact list & write letter draft for that to achieve
  1. Get a proper image: Buy your web domains (preferably .com, .es,.cat), get your email addresses on these domains & move the blog there. Get a nice logo.
û AR: N pls work with your IT guy to get it ready & logo is also on your plate. X already bought the domains. Worst case scenario we will have to re-write parts of the blog (AR: X !!)
  1. Set short term achievable milestones
û AR: N-E-X . Get ready to go into a quantum leap in June 13th&14th in BizBarcelona. Let’s hope we can meet with some of our online contacts face-to-face.
  1. Define a strategy to be able to achieve your goals
Arggghhhh! My encrypter doesn’t seem to be working properly! Oooops!
Now everyone will be able to read through these minutes…
top secret

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